Our Fees

Understanding that legal work can be expensive, our firm will work with you to create a billing arrangement that meets your needs. We offer three (or a mix thereof) different pricing models: time and expenses, fixed fee, and contingency fee. As is standard practice, new clients are required to submit an advanced deposit for court costs and legal fees (commonly referred to as a retainer) which will be held in a trust account. All new clients will receive a 15-minute free consultation to determine if we can assist them with their case.

Our Fees

Time & Expenses:

Under the Time & Expenses billing structure, you will be charged an hourly rate for an attorneyís time and all related expenses associated with handling your matter. These expenses typically include court costs, filing fees, delivery/messenger charges, photocopy/replication charges, electronic legal research charges and travel expenses.

Fixed Fee:

Under this billing option, the firm will cap the amount of legal fees charged for a set number of court appearances, pleadings and settlement negotiations plus court costs and expenses. The fixed fee and the estimated court costs and associated fees must be provided by the client upfront before the firm begins working on the matter. Once the firm fulfills its contract for fixed fee obligations and if the matter is still unresolved, the client will be given a choice between moving to the Time & Expenses billing structure (at the firmís discretion) or transitioning the matter to alternative counsel.

Contingency Fee (Offered on a limited basis):

If the firm agrees to represent someone on a contingency fee basis, the client shall only be charged if the firm successfully recovers money for the client. Typically, the firm will take 33% of all recovered amounts plus court costs, filing fees, and associated costs. The remainder of the recovered amount will go to the client. This type of billing arrangement is only available on a limited basis and is entirely at the firm’s discretion.

Call us today at (312) 450-3513 to discuss your legal issues and, together, we can craft a billing arrangement that meets your needs and gets your issues resolved.